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Martin Tuip

I received my manual tuner on Friday .. older unit and it had a small issue with one of the knobs but it is able to get my random end fed wire (about 80ft) tuned on all bands to nearly 1:1 .. I'm pleased with that.  Side related question then ... I was at the State Science Fair with my son and talked with the ham guys who had a demo display at the event.  One of them has a 500ft end fed wire without counterpoise running through his trees that he says works really well.  I have the room to feed 500ft through the trees on my property and the YL won't notice an 18 gauge black wire.  
Is it worth the effort ?   The calculations I've seen lists 422ft as an ideal length ... just a bit at a loss here.  

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Subject: Re: [070Club] Antenna tuner suggestions / help
From: "Jerry N9AVY" <n9avy@...>
Date: 3/19/18 2:01 pm

You could try looking at a few hamfests in your area this spring/summer.  Have heard that  some tuners rated at 100 watts aren't really 100 watt units; same goes for some of the 300 watt units. In others words, you might let the smoke out. My tendency would be to go after something rated at a KW because it's built a bit more heavy duty and the parts will hopefully stand up better in case you run into high SWRs.  I picked up a Vectronics (original, not MFJ) HF-1500 for about $250 and it seems to work well. Always invest in the best you can afford so you don't have to spend more bucks later.
Some of the other brands out there are older, but just as good:  E.F. Johnson, Drake, etc.
Good luck !
Jerry N9AVY

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Subject: [070Club] Antenna tuner suggestions / help

I'm looking to tap into the knowledge of all of you here a bit.  My main shack is in my house but I have a secondary shack in my garage with a simple Alinco radio and a VHF setup as well.  I'm not specifically planning to do any digital from there but I do most of my antenna design and builds there.  
I'm experimenting with different wire and verticals and am thinking a manual tuner is going to give me more flexibility than an automatic tuner as I also get a little bit more insight (plus I wonder if a manual tuner will allow me to sometimes to a better job than auto tuners).  At the moment I'm sticking to max 100W although I have a dedicated 240V circuit for an amp already installed.  What would you suggest without spending a ton of money.  MFJ (yeah I know their reputation) has like 3 million models and I'm just lost. 
If anyone has a used one laying around that they don't need and am willing to part with as well for some $ I'm open too.

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