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Hi Martin....
I have been using MFJ tuners for years ...... 941D and 949E both manual tuners and still have them and they are at least 25 years old and still work fine .... The only thing I replaced in them is the light bulbs......  I have 2 MFJ 993b auto tuners which I have hooked up to my IC 7200 and IC 7410.... I bought the auto tuners we I got active in PSK and jump around the bands a lot..... I have been very happy with them and I had a problem with one of the 993s during the St. Pat contest but as Jim pointed out all I did was do a reset and I am back in business..... I have a bunch of homebrew dipoles plus a Mosley TA33 and a Zero five vertical {obviously I don't live in a deed restricted neighborhood} and all my MFJ tuners whether auto or manual have been able to tune down to 1.5 or less..... I had a LDG auto tuner but was not happy with it and gave it to a ham buddy down in FL...... I know that most hams either love or hate MFJ but I have no complaints and would buy em again.
Just a footnote  MFJ is about 15 miles from my QTH but I always order or buy from a retailer as MFJ will only sell at the retail price and I can buy their products cheaper from a store or online.
I feel that MFJ gives a lot of bang for the buck .... but maybe that's because I have never had any problems with their products ..... and maybe a little luck of the Irish on my end ?


On Monday, March 19, 2018 4:31 PM, Curtis D Sanders <k3urt@...> wrote:

I have been using a MFJ-949E for years with no trouble.
73 de Curt, K3URT, #1630.

On Mar 19, 2018, at 4:08 PM, Martin Tuip <ajax@...> wrote:

I'm looking to tap into the knowledge of all of you here a bit.  My main shack is in my house but I have a secondary shack in my garage with a simple Alinco radio and a VHF setup as well.  I'm not specifically planning to do any digital from there but I do most of my antenna design and builds there.  
I'm experimenting with different wire and verticals and am thinking a manual tuner is going to give me more flexibility than an automatic tuner as I also get a little bit more insight (plus I wonder if a manual tuner will allow me to sometimes to a better job than auto tuners).  At the moment I'm sticking to max 100W although I have a dedicated 240V circuit for an amp already installed.  What would you suggest without spending a ton of money.  MFJ (yeah I know their reputation) has like 3 million models and I'm just lost. 
If anyone has a used one laying around that they don't need and am willing to part with as well for some $ I'm open too.

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