Antenna tuner suggestions / help

Martin Tuip

I'm looking to tap into the knowledge of all of you here a bit.  My main shack is in my house but I have a secondary shack in my garage with a simple Alinco radio and a VHF setup as well.  I'm not specifically planning to do any digital from there but I do most of my antenna design and builds there.  
I'm experimenting with different wire and verticals and am thinking a manual tuner is going to give me more flexibility than an automatic tuner as I also get a little bit more insight (plus I wonder if a manual tuner will allow me to sometimes to a better job than auto tuners).  At the moment I'm sticking to max 100W although I have a dedicated 240V circuit for an amp already installed.  What would you suggest without spending a ton of money.  MFJ (yeah I know their reputation) has like 3 million models and I'm just lost. 
If anyone has a used one laying around that they don't need and am willing to part with as well for some $ I'm open too.

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