Re: ST. Pats Error?

Jerry N9AVY

VA3FLF is also stuck in the LONP endorsement checker for approval  the past couple months as is KG7STV. Nothing I can do to get rid of them. Guess that's above my paid grade.

Jerry  N9AVY

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Subject: Re: [070Club] ST. Pats Error?

Larry -

We've seen a variant of this before--Steve uploaded his log to the endorsement checker under his VA3FLF call and it rejected him.

I just looked at the membership listing under 2301 and it shows a date pattern for his VA3 call that I can't recognize. (The same VA3 call seems to be listed twice with two start dates.) Even though there aren't end dates listed for either, I wonder if the contest checker is confused. I think there should only be one start date (the 5/18/17 date) and no end date. 

I think this is a database change that the membership manager can make, not a logic change that would have to wait for David. And if it's done quickly, it should be able to be in effect for the contest.

Regardless, it should count for LONP as it's clearly Steve.


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Subject: [070Club] ST. Pats Error?

I hate to throw a monkey wrench into things....but, the scorer said I had one error.
That VA3FLF/070# did not match.
I looked in QRZ under VA3FLF and found the following:
Stephen J. Riddle, VA3FLF
From QRZ:
I have both a US (KM4FLF) and Canadian ticket.” 
I travel back and forth from North Carolina to visit family and friends. I am ocassionally using my /VE3 callsign to finish up some awards I have been tracking.”
Member PODX #2301, LONP #0396.....”
Under KM4FLF: “I got my Canadian call back in May, see my new page at VA3FLF.”
 It may be to late to include him in the St. Pat's day contest, but would love to have his LONP#.

Larry WA7HDZ #404

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