FT-1000 MP

Jerry N9AVY

This rig has been acting goofy lately.  Have to watch the output power because running up & down the band there tends to be less power on low end and too much on the other end of band.  Feel like an old broadcast engineer having to constantly "ride the gain".

The weirdest one happened this morning on 20m  ... was siting down at 14070 and had the bandwidth set to usual 2.4K when a signal up at 14073 completely swamped out the receiver.  Thought it was just that one station which may have been over driving audio or running too much power.  About an hour later there was a different station in the same frequency on the other coast doing exactly the same thing.

Don't thing I'll get rid of FT-1000MP, just for a couple of freak things, but I'd be interested in knowing if anyone else has had a similar problems with an FT-1000.

BTW, when his happens I can usually narrow bandwidth down to 500 or 250 Hz. , but then I can't watch the entire band.

Jerry  N9AVY

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