Re: Icom 7300 help needed

Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL

I'm not in front of the the 7300 but like all ICOM radios to get audio from the USB port you have to go into Menu -> Connectors and change the audio settings to USB from Mic.   BTW when you go back to SSB don't forget to change the same settings back or you will be shouting into a dead mic   (voice of experience).

On 3/15/2018 10:33 AM, John Hendry wrote:

Help!   Is anyone using an Icom 7300.   I just got one, and I've followed all the steps to make sure that I'm correctly on the digital modes, but I'm not making any contacts on PSK31 and that damned FT-8.    In checking pskreporter, I see a lot of FT-8 reports, but I've yet to make a contact... and I have zero PSK31 contacts.

I've searched the web, looked at all of the videos with settings, checked my audio on the internal scope, and I have no clue.   Any advice, screen shots, etc would be most helpful.



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