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Charles Goldwater <k6ceg@...>

Steve, I made several contacts last night on 20M using PSK and the
internet.. This is how it works for me:
Both computers must have Net Meeting installed, enabled for secure
transactions and desktop sharing.
My shack computer is connected to a cable modem via @HOME.COM and has a
fixed IP address, my laptop uses a K56 modem and a dailup connection via
@ATT.NET and uses an assigned IP address.
I connect to the Internet using my laptop's connection software. My other
computer, connected to my rig is at home turned on with the desk top
showing, Power Management is selected to "always on", the monitor may be set
to time off.
Back to the laptop, after an internet connection is established, minimize
the internet browser and click on Net Meeting Icon, click call, in the space
provided type in the IP address of the computer at home, click ok.
Shortly you will be prompted for the password of the home computer,
Passwords are setup when you set up Net Meeting, Type in the password and
You will soon see your home computers desktop, click on your favorite PSK
program ---- Your in business..
There is a delay when using this system, perhaps the software could be
better. But Net Meeting is FREE
and it will be used by me for remote QSO's until better software becomes
I can be anywhere on this planet and still practice my Ham radio hobby
and/or use anyone's rig that has a similar setup..
73 K6CEG Charlie
If I can do it anyone can..

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Ok so now you did this do you think the same would be true to control a
PSK station thru the internet??

Steve D

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