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Matthew King - AK4MK

I'm actually going to agree with Milt (and others) on this one. The 50 member requirement is there to keep the "I just want a membership number" crowd away. We want to have ACTIVE operators.

I don't see me budging on the member requirement, though I do think we could open the contests to all takers. It'll take some rearranging in the checker, so this year's St Patrick's Day contest will remain member's only, but we'll get it changed before next year.

Not sure if they'll get changed this year or not - we'll have to work with David and work within his schedule. As we all know, he has precious little time to put towards things these days, so we need to make our changes as small as possible.

We'll make changes as simple as we can to the rules so as not to really change the spirit of the contest.  That'll probably be the approach taken on the other member's only contests as well. 

We're really not having a growth problem. We had tremendous growth for a couple years, and it's leveling off a bit now, which is OK. I blame that solely on FT-8's prevalence within the digital community right now, and that's OK too.  As the sunspots came back after a couple more years, we'll start having more and more contacts, so we should see more growth there.

I just now saw Sherri's email describing having to "work for" her 50 contacts. That's the EXACT sort of member we're after!  As others have said as well, one can just about get 50 contacts with one of our contests (the open ones, that is) if one shows some perseverance. 

Thanks for all the feedback, y'all!


Matt King
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On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 8:23 PM, Milton Garb <n6mg@...> wrote:


Let me weigh in on this.

I wasn't aware we had a "growth" problem.

I'm 070-650 and back when I joined, it was really slow growth for sure.

We actually had a "New Member Jamboree" every time we reached a 100 new member milestone.

I, personally don't think that "diluting" our membership by lowering the membership requirements will do anything positive for the club at all.

Sun spots have been measured for hundreds of years. They go up, and come down. They're down right now, and will come back.

One another note, we have a tremendous knowledge base within our club. When we communicate via our email reflector, can we please remember that it has the potential to be distributed to 2,604 members, (less s/k's and those that have resigned or censured)?

Can we put a hold on the silliness and keep our emails on point?

I don't think that whining, crying and sniveling has anything to do with the 070 Club.

Want a suggestion to help our club grow? To help prospective members learn about us?

More operating events!

In those operating events, call, "CQ CQ 070 Club Members...any station  k"

It's always worked in the past.

And, that's my opinion.

Milt., N6MG


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I agree with Don .... times and conditions change and the club must be able to change with the times .... if the club wants to continue to grow then reducing the number from 50 to 25 contacts as a prerequisite to me seems to the smart thing to do .....









On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 4:20 PM, Donald Bolstad <don@...> wrote:


Yes I am all in favor of opening up the PODXS contests to all, members and non-members alike.  Can have different point values to make it more interesting.

I would also be in favor of reducing the 50 contact requirement for membership.  Seems a bit high in light of the recent activity decline.  Anyone reading this who joined  the club in the last few months care to comment?  How long did it take you to get the 50 contacts in the log??  I'd put the requirement at 25 or even less.  Maybe if a non-club member participates in a club contest and logs, say 10 members, that would qualify.   


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