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Sherri Rapp

Regarding membership requirement:
It took me about a month of concentrated working PSK31 to get my 50 QSOs for membership. That requirement forced me to learn so much more about the various software available to me — and using the macros and free text and reading the waterfall etc etc — that it was very helpful. Chasing those 50 QSOs helped me be much more confident on the air and was exactly what I needed to be a better operator. I say keep the 50. 

Sherri, WB4OSU

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018, 9:23 PM Brian (N2MLP) <n2mlp@...> wrote:

But the rules don’t stop you from joining, just make you work for it



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I myself do not believe that just because I had to do it that all others have to ...... I had to learn Morse code to get HF privileges but with the FCC dropping the code requirement  I believe that it has allowed a lot of individuals to become hams who brought to the hobby a wealth of knowledge in regards with the digital side of the hobby who otherwise would have been kept out of the hobby ....


Change can be good or it can be bad ...... but we can't be afraid of change









On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 7:41 PM, Mike Besemer - WM4B #348 <mwbesemer@...> wrote:


I’m not a fan of this idea.  I operate less than an hour a day around 0000z and maybe a bit more on weekends.  I make 50 contacts every 2 – 3 weeks – less if there is a contest.  Heck, even if I just do my one-contact-per day for the Calendar endorsement, that’s 30 contacts in a month.  (Granted, there are a few dupes in there, but not that many.)


IMHO, the thrill of the hunt is part of the fun.  That’s why the Clock, Calendar, and WTW endorsements are so much fun.  Why cheapen it?






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Subject: [070Club] Open Up Contests - Reduce Membership Requirement


Yes I am all in favor of opening up the PODXS contests to all, members and non-members alike.  Can have different point values to make it more interesting.


I would also be in favor of reducing the 50 contact requirement for membership.  Seems a bit high in light of the recent activity decline.  Anyone reading this who joined  the club in the last few months care to comment?  How long did it take you to get the 50 contacts in the log??  I'd put the requirement at 25 or even less.  Maybe if a non-club member participates in a club contest and logs, say 10 members, that would qualify. 





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