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When TY7C announced their FT8 operation I had brief email contact with Dr. Joe Taylor. It should be known that TY7C DID NOT coordinate or discuss their decisions with Joe. This was done on their own. During our conversation Joe and I agreed that their announced frequency/operation was ill advised.

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On 3/13/2018 2:04 PM, Mike Flowers wrote:

The FCC has specified which modes are allowed on which segments of each band.


There is a definitive list here:


The modes are described as CW, Phone, Image, MCW and RTTY/Data.


PSK31, FT8, JT65 or any of the various digimodes are not specifically mentioned as they are all included within the Data category of modes.


TY7C must operate according to the Benin Amateur Radio Band Plan, whatever that might be.   I have not found anything specific about Benin’s frequency allocations.


As I see it, if an Amateur station is operating legally using an allowed mode in the correct band segment for the political entity in which they are operating, there’s nothing more for me to say.


Animated discussions about ‘our frequencies’ by mode users, net managers, DXers who police the ‘DX Windows’ on various bands, SSTV ops, the Hi-Fi AM crowd and Amateurs in general have been going on since I was first licensed in 1968 and will continue as long as there is such a thing as Amateur Radio.


It’s nice to know there are some constants … ;>)


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, Past President - NCDXC


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After many years as an ARRL member I let me membership lapse this year.  Just got back from Post Office where I got my 5th renewal notice !   Worked as volunteer for 16 years and after all the changes last year, I think I can say it probably won't do any good. The guy from 2-land who replaced K1ZZ as CEO was ousted in January, but the damage was already done.


The FT-8 group that went to Benin undoubtedly hadn't a clue about frequency allocations/band plans. There is nothing ARRL can do because theydon't have much authority outside U.S.    It was a big mistake and I made complaints to a few DX news services.  I would not support any further DXpeditions by that group.  This will work better than ARRL complaints.


It's unfortunate that this has happened, but I do see FT-8 stations on 14.070 as "invaders". 


Just another rant.


Jerry   n9avy


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I feel the frustrations with problem of the FT8 mode also, whomever is at fault but venting among ourselves won't do any good. I encourage all of you to email your ARRL Section Manager and voice your concerns, you do not have to me an ARRL member to do so. I emailed my Section Manager a while back but no reply as of yet.

Charles, KI4VMK

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