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Yes, Jay I realise that!...Good thinking!...but the next psk contest hasn't!....(the
TA one).
I am in the process of commencing a campaign to make all contests a bit more tolerable,
so that people can enjoy them, rather than moan and whinge!
There's a local QRP contest in ZL on CW 80M, 5 watts max, which requires the exchange
to be Callsign/Signal report/Serial# (3 Digits)/NZART CLUB Number for both stations
at each QSO....needless to say there are few participants!
There is a justifiable need to make Amateur Radio more enjoyable all round for everybody,
and the 'worst offenders' are contests for those that are not in them!
Look at the fun we had in the TARA on the 6th Oct...and there was somebody who put
in a log with only 5 QSOs!...good on them!!! Well done to the SV Team too in the
teams event, at least they were having fun!
We gotta have fun! Life is too short if you aren't!
73s and 88s (where applicable)

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