40m in IL

Jerry N9AVY

Not looking good today.   Had a nice ragchew with a station in Arkansas because there was no one else on.  Then work a couple others, but copy was very rough !!!  Got a station is ID who was about 10% copy and then worked Sheri, WB4OSU, in NC ... yippee a new 070 #  !!! 

Meanwhile, every time I looked at 20m it was full of weird signals which I assumed to be PSK63 for whatever contest is in progress. Don't have whatever mode it is; so been staying on 40m which turns out to provide some interesting & surprising contacts although with a lot of deep fading. With the shape 40m is in now, I assume QRP is probably not a great idea because I could see traces and partial calls on waterfall, but just not enough to make a QSO. BTW , am running auto CQ when you see  my call 3 times and it will not unlock on really weak signals... nature of the beast I guess.

40m was lokking good this last week with signals coming in around 1300 - 1400 UTC. Sure hope to make a few more contacts before summer static makes it even worse.

Jerry  n9avy

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