Re: Interesting morning on 40m


There is a pesky out of band FT8’er on 14.071.  Sounds like a mosquito , or a skeeter….depends on where your from.





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From: Rick - N7WE
Sent: Friday, March 9, 2018 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: [070Club] Interesting morning on 40m


OK - 20m too garbled for me this morning.  I'm out. 

Did see a signal - looked like an unmodulated single carrier only - that started about 14.070.300 and then would float up, lock on a freq. for a bit, then float up again.  Signal was continous but the time it locked on a freq. varied substantially.  The amount of change in freq. between locks varied too. Finally disappeared about 14.071.800.  Then reappeared back near 14.070.300 and did it again.  Never seen that before!  Anyone have any idea what it might have been?
Rick - N7WE
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