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Richard Rohrer

Hi Rick,


For my mobile work I use a IC-7100 with a LDG tuner going to a 20 mtr hamstick.  This combination has worked fairly well. I use a ASUS laptop/tablet computer connected to the radio thru a usb cable.  This is also the computer I use when at home, so I don’t have to remember to move things between computers.  Although at home I have three monitors instead of just the 10.5 inch screen on the laptop.  I have switched to using Fldigi  for my digital work and send the contacts to N3FJP’s ACL which is my main log.   This allows me to send control and audio to the radio.  Unlike my IC-7410 this unit created 2 ports instead on one.   I saw a mount on another ham’s vehicle that fit between the vehicle body and the taillight, which I purchased and mounted.  I have a cord that goes from the antenna to the roof rack to keep it straight when going 70 to 80 mph down the interstates.  I have not done much for ignition noise, which does not seem to be as much of a problem with digital. 


For portable, I use the same radio, but depending on how much stuff I want to take with me.  I have a Flagpole Buddy 22ft pole that I purchased to use with the RV as an antenna support.  I have used it with my Icom AH-4 remote antenna tuner with a 22 ft wire antenna, with a 24 ft ground.  With this combination I can tune any band from 40 mtrs up and it works fairly well.  I also have one of the end feed antenna baluns  which I can also use.  At the Orlando hamfest I picked up another 20 mtr hamstick and plan on making a mount so I can use both of them as a 20 mtr dipole for situations that I can’t put up a wire antenna.  I usually carry enough wire to make a dipole if I need one. 


I guess that sums it up from my operating. 



Dick – KC3EF

070 - 747

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