Do you do Mobile or Portable?

Rick - N7WE

Do you operate PSK31 mobile or portable?  It doesn't have to be complex or costly to go /M or /P.  And it is tons of fun!  It can be as close as a picnic table in a nearby park or as far away as an ocean cruise!  Steve - W3HF is probably the Dean of our portable/mobile operators.  And I know there are several year-after-year dedicated APE ops out there.  Dick - KC3EF has recently done some trips with more planned.  And if memory serves, Byron - W7RIV did a couple of ops last year.  I'm sure there are many others.  

If you do, how about posting a breif description of your portable/mobile setup here to encourage others to give it a try?  Power source, rig, interface, antenna, etc. and anything else you want to add.  Share your knowledge and help someone else experience the fun of PSK31 - /M or /P.

Want to give it a try but have questions?  Post here.  There are lots of knowledgable members who will be very glad to help.

Rick - N7WE
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