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You are right Paul because I can see many individuals utilizing their new found freqs using PSK31 at their full allotted 200W.  What fun that will be.
Mentoring absolutely.
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On Sat, Mar 03, 2018 at 07:40 PM, Paul Milward wrote:

Look on the bright side.  More (eligible) OPs means more (potential) PSK OPs. We just need to be prepared to mentor them.
Paul NU4C 

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That might create other problems.

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Be patient...the ARRL is trying to convince the FCC to grant Techs digital and cw privileges on the HF bands..
Brian K9WIS

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Techs can run 10m and 6m PSK. But maybe that's not very useful.


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Just for kicks I did a breakdown of the hams in EN28 via  Here's what I found:

Technican    23

General        14

Advanced      1

Extra              8

Expired          11    (since 2016 and older)


TOTAL          57    QRZ says 58 so I may have missed one

Possible PSK  =23

They have a club website, but looks mostly repeater oriented

Jerry  n9avy

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