Re: Wondering about 6m PSK31 this coming season


Rick N7WE,

One good thing about 6 meter antennas (or VHF/UHF antennas) they are small and easy to home-brew (that or you find many cheap used VHF/UHF antennas at HamFests because they are small, easy to haul, and many folks buy but find VHF/UHF activity too low to keep their interest...that is if they don't know where or what on the bands). have a very nice place there so on a 15ft pole and a few materials you might have laying around the house (or cheap at local home improvement store) for a few bucks you would able to put together another halo or small 2 element 6 meter yagi quite easily.  I have used some of the below methods for 17m and 30m yagis...paint the 6 meter antenna black and pole then it tends to go unnoticed (and even at 15 to 20 ft for a 6m antenna will work quite well....have had with or without rotor as hand turning only takes a few minutes).

See if any of the below links might help on a homebrew at a fraction of the cost or cheap.

Good luck with your antenna project and on the 6 meter band (also I know you know the above mentioned as a seasoned Ham but throwing it out if others may want to get on the 6m band we know when the 6m band is open it doesn't take much!).

Don KB9UMT   070#1227

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