Re: Wondering about 6m PSK31 this coming season


Hi Rick N7WE and all,

I'm not sure if anyone remembers WA5UFH Tip in TX (very much into VHF/UHF weaksignal) but he retired from Ham Radio a few years ago but back around 1999 to maybe 2004 he made a very strong attempt to push for PSK use on 6 meters thus the PSK mark at 50.290 USB (which is the mark most use today for those that want to try).  I tried to GOOGLE Tips old website with DOS (Digital On Six) members which I was a part of but the site is no longer:

Also my friend Ev W2EV use to use PSK mode for PropNet but not sure they do much on 6 meters anymore:

Anyway we use to have fun on 6 meter PSK but not sure unless you get a lot that will give it a go how much fun it will be......reason being once DOS stopped it was very hard for just a few of us that kept parked on 50,290 USB PSK to actually stay there when the band was open.  In other words when 6 is open it is fast and everyone wants to work as many as possible while open so everyone goes to where the activity is which for the most part is the voice/SSB/CW for quick contacts so you might be sitting on 50.290 alone and no one coming up that high to work you but I found it always fun to keep trying (don't waste my time these days but would try again if I knew others would).

What I found out on 6 meters PSK is: When the 6 meter band is weak or the start or ending of closing the PSK was of course there when the voice/SSB section was not good enough signals/audio to carry on but PSK did just like the CW ops carried on.....UNLESS multipath then no matter how strong decode was hit/miss.  I also found testing with Tip and a few others that PSK can work MS or a 'PING' but it has to be a good rock or longer trail/ping to do so (several of those over the years but very very rare since no one used PSK much on 6 meters and for sure not for MS).

Wish you the best of luck but the hard part is sitting parked at 50.290 USB on PSK if you know the band is wide open and you know there is loads of activity on the 6 meter band but no one replies to your PSK CQ.....GL

Don KB9UMT   070#1227

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