Want to be a Hero?

Rick - N7WE

Want to be a hero?  Want 070 members heaping praise upon you?  Want to be on the other end of a pile-up?  Well it can happen!  Spring and Summer are surely coming and it’s time to think about vacations and getaways.  Especially those still fighting snow, ice, and cold.  So why not include some portable operations this year and be a Grid DXpedition?


There are 11 grids (as of August 2017) in the GRIDS Endorsement that have never been logged by anyone who has submitted to the Awards Progress Checker!  This from the research Steve – W3HF – did last August.  Here’s the hot spots to think about.


DN01 and DN02.  These two grids are located on the Nevada-Oregon border.  One on each side.  Easy-Peasy to bag both on the same trip.  Good starting point is Lakeview Oregon (nice town – we’ve been there).  The grids are about 27 miles SE as the crow flies.  There are good roads to follow – albeit a few more miles – and it is great country.  Even has wild burros and an Opal mine open to the public!


DN25 and DN34 are another twofer.  Shared between Idaho and Montana, US 93 North out of Challis Idaho looks like the best approach.  US 93 follows the Salmon River, know as the River of No Return.  We've been down that road.  If you like whitewater rafting, jet boat trips, and incredible scenery…this is the Grid DXpedition for you!


DN65 and DN75 in Southeastern Montana make up another easy-to-do double dip.  Take I-90 to Crow Agency.  Take time to stop at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Custer’s Last Stand).  Then take US 212 east off I-90 (about 1.5 miles south of Crow Agency) towards Broadus.  You’ll enter DN75 between Ashland and Broadus.  Again a beautiful drive.


If you are in either Great Falls Montana or Billings Montana, consider a drive on US 87.  I runs along the southern edge of DN57, another grid that has never been logged.  You will understand why Montana is called Big Sky Country as you roll across the plains!


DN52 in Wyoming should be an easy activation, but it has never been done.  Either US 287 towards Lander or US 191 towards Pinedale will take you through this grid.  Both are easy travel on good roads.  We’ve been down them many times…but that was before I got into activating grids.


A more Midwest grid is DM85.  I really don’t understand why this grid hasn’t been activated.  I-40 between Amarillo and Tucumcari runs right through it!  Find a rest stop and put it on the air. 


And then there is DL88.  I understand why this one has never been activated.  It is a very small strip (about 10 miles) of land in the far southern reaches of the Big Bend National Park in Texas.   There is only one dirt road (path) in and out.  Do a Google Earth search for Talley Big Bend National Park.  In 2016 I activated DL89 from Big Bend, but never even considered the trip to DL88.  If you do this one and I work you, I’ll send you an engraved 070 Explorer plaque!  PS - carry enough water!

Finally, for those seeking a North Woods adventure, EN28 in Northern Minnesota has never been logged.  Looks like State Highway 11 from Baudette or Warroad would do it.  I’ve never been up there and would love to go.  But it is not to be.


How about going APE from one or more of these grids?  (DL88 not recommended in August!)  Even if you can’t hit one of these rare grids, if you can include some portable operations in your getaway this year, be sure to post here and you’ll get lots of action!

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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