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I use MS Excel. 8.5" X 11", landscape.

I divide it into 4 per page,  I do 1 in the upper left corner, then copy & paste the other 3.

I print out a sheet on white paper, then take it to Staples and print out 250 on fluorescent card stock.

Then they cut it for me in 1/4's. I get 1000 cards for about $26.00.

Considering that LotW is my primary QSL route, 1000 cards lasts a very long time!




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I was making my own QSL cards using Printmaster Gold or then Printmaster 7 for MAC, however, I stumbled across and Ron, W7NN does quite a good job on providing a QSL kit.


So, I’ve started using his cards.  Only because I do not do much as far as cards go.  If I gat a card I send a card.   So, anyone thinking about something like this can go to

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There is software that will print QSL cards.  Can't remember the name of it, but you can google it. Used to get Avery postcard stock , 4 cards to a sheet, and it did a good job.


Jerry  n9avy



Yes I remember the good old days of that SW
Unfortunately I can,t seem to find any that will run on win10.
will keep lookin


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