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I remember the first time I walked into a hamshack and saw all the QSL cards hanging on the wall..That was so cool I made the commitment to get my novice ticket..I have that first QSL hanging in my shack, running home from school to check the mailbox for QSL,s was exhilarating. Decoding the cryptic messages on the back.."tnx om fer QSO, gld to cfm ur 1st HI,gud dx,cu agn sn, 73". LOTW destroyed one of my favorite aspects the hobby just to appease DX'ers, guess money talks at the ARRL. Now FT has erased any personality in the hobby..its just make the contact and go. I like PSK because we can still have meaningful, memorable QSO's and create friendships.
Brian K9WIS

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Yes, I think most of us appreciate the personal touch involved in the
paper QSL.  Not only did someone take the time to honor us with the
personal reply, but often you get to see their picture, QTH setup or some
other aspect of their life that they find to be of note.  Future QSOs with
that individual/callsign will likely be informed by the memory of the
information on that QSL.

In the days that QSOs were perhaps a bit less numerous, the postage less,
and the internet non-existent, I can sure understand paper.  In the
present days of digital/FT8 rapid-fire QSO rates it has become a challenge
duplicating on paper what the computer allows us to do fairly
automatically on the air.



With over 1600 FT8 contacts so far in 2018 I sure hope paper is passe

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