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I agree whole heartedly with the gentleman farmer from the great state of Washington, Tom.

I've commented on this several times in the past, and will point out again; "back in the day", a paper qsl card was the final "thank you" for a QSO...  

Also of note in this by gone era is the courtesy that a ham would extend to other hams.

No LotW, no We had and used was the National Traffic System, but SSB and CW.

Ex: If we heard that a ham in a neighboring community, or across the world, had an ill wife, or was ill themselves? Send him or her a get well card in the mail...

It also worked when you heard of congratulatory events...

Ahhhh, yes, the good ol' days!...Tubes, straight keys, a series fed Hartley oscillator with a #45 Arcturas valve...home made cubical quads...the new experimental Yagi-Uda antenna that some guys in JA invented...(I still think we could make an HBO mini-series on what happened to Prof. Uda!)

That's it. I really get my "way back" machine going somedays...




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Yes, I think most of us appreciate the personal touch involved in the paper QSL.  Not only did someone take the time to honor us with the personal reply, but often you get to see their picture, QTH setup or some other aspect of their life that they find to be of note.  Future QSOs with that individual/callsign will likely be informed by the memory of the information on that QSL.

In the days that QSOs were perhaps a bit less numerous, the postage less, and the internet non-existent, I can sure understand paper.  In the present days of digital/FT8 rapid-fire QSO rates it has become a challenge duplicating on paper what the computer allows us to do fairly automatically on the air.



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