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You know that if there was any way I could have snagged one of those VB7150's I would have but the Prop Gods denied me the pleasure.  Would have paid gladly for the return trip too.
Canada planning anything in the next year???
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No reaction at all??

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As some of you recall I had the pleasure of using two special event callsigns for all of 2017.

I used CF7GEM for FT/JT contacts and I used VB7150 for all others. I had to purchase the VB7150 call but CF7GEM was free. I purchased QSL cards for both callsigns, 400 for VB7150 & 200 for CF7GEM. Total outlay was CAD185.00. With the hopes of off setting some of the costs I asked for two green stamps for a QSL card. Postage to USA is CAD1.20 and balance was applied to outlay.

VB7150 Summary:
          3411 contacts made
          72 requests rcvd


CF7GEM Summary:
          4316 contacts made
          28 requests rcvd 

8 requests were rcvd without postage included (all USA stns). 

Total contacts made was  7,727

Total QSL requests was 100

My math would indicate that this is about 1.3% of contacts wishing cards.

Total exactly 100 requests times CAD0.80 covers CAD80 leaving  CAD105.00 out of pocket.

I am not sure if electronic cards have had a major impact on QSL card exchanges or if just the fact of asking the requester to cover the postage drove the numbers down.

Would I do it again.
Yes I would purchase a special event callsign if available for a full year (unusual).   
No I would not purchase special cards but would instead just offer electronic exchange. 

Now contemplating if I should re-order more cards for VA7GEM or just go electronic with it as well. 

Have fun with this one.




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