Don't trust QRZ for accuracy !

Jerry N9AVY

While going through endorsements today for approval, I found something I thought I'd share with the group.

Seems that some folks don't have a clue to their latitude/longtude as it affects their grid square.  Case in point was a certain Cuban station who listed his lat/long incorrectly and that placed him in an African grid... obviously Cuba is not in Africa.  Undoubtedly, the error is not QRZ's, but rather on the stations part.  The old saying applies here "garbage in, garbage out" !

So, I looked through several Cuban stations details (no, I'm not picking on Cuba, just using them as an example). Seems that about 80-90% of Cuban listings do now show grids because there were latitude/longitude numbers given. An easy mistake to make.  More importantly many U.S. and DX stations have also failed to list this correctly; therefore giving everyone a false grid which leads to false IOTAs.  The only thing I can thnk of is to double check everything you enter in logs. Know that many logging programs automatically link with QRZ and that's okay, but you need to verify the data from QRZ for yourself. 

Many Alaska & Hawaii stations are NOT in AK nor HI, but are stateside. For example,  KL7RF/8 is in Ohio and has been for quite a while;'  the  "/8 " should have been a dead giveaway thta he is in 8th call area in lower 48.

This is not to single out any one person because these are common mistakes made by several stations.

Hope this helps some ops learn about the pitfalls of putting to much trust in logging programs.


Jerry  n9avy

Ye Olde Endorsement Approver

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