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Jim K5SP

Lets not go to something being Easier/Harder, I went there once wilh LONP and was slapped down quickly.  All I said was that when those of us early LONP numbers got ours, it was harder than it is today.  Only about 500 members when I got my 100, now there are 2600 members so getting 100 not as difficult.  (shutting mouth now before I get slapped down again)

On 2/16/2018 12:19 PM, Jerry N9AVY wrote:
When prpagation was favoring Europe most days a few years ago, it was easier to complete the WTW.  With conditions as poor as they've been  this past few months, the WTW is much, much harder to obtain. Same goes for many other endorsements .  Patience and luck will prevail for those who are "worthy"  ().  Just keep on pluging away at those endorsements and the end will get near.

Jerry n9avy

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You are so right on some are unattainable for various reasons!  Here's some of my "don't even think about it" - at least until the solar cycle turns up and prop improves.
China Clipper - I need Taiwan & Philippines
Wrk'd all OZ - I need ACT (Austrailian Capital Territory)
Golf - Hole #13
Above 60 - I need Nunavet, NW Territories, and Greenland
Just not going to happen for me in the near term. 
But don't give up!  All things, including A, E, I, O, and sometimes N, eventually come along.
Rick - N7WE
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