Re: Soapbox

Rick - N7WE

Decided to try something different this time.  Cranked the power setting down to 5w, hooked up the wattmeter to make sure was really only 5w,  and was pleasantly surprised at the contacts I could make.  Mostly had to work search and pounce and time my responses to CQs.  Only picked up a few by calling CQ.  Thanks to all those who hung in there and worked me.  Saw lots of AGN AGN PLS, but only a few SORRY NO COPY.  But I didn't even respond to calls from Milt in CA, Barry in BC, or Wes in UT.  Saw them, but knew 5w wouldn't do it.  There were some I could work on 40 but not 80 and vice versa - interesting!

All in all a fun contest. Learned some new things.  I may go QRP again.  
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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