Re: 5 signals simultaneously ???

Mike Flowers

Hi Milt,


Yes, I think you can achieve a 300 QPH on both SSB and CW, under the right conditions.   I don’t think that rate is sustainable for hours on end, but for peak periods it is.


When I was out on Conway Reef, the CW ops were on fire.   Propagation was excellent, and our ops could pick up a lot of calls out of the pileups without tuning.  When condx are not great, the rate drops off precipitously.


11 seconds is a generous amount of time for a DX QSO with good ops at both ends.


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, Past President - NCDXC


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Mike, as past-president of the Northern California DX Club, you are an expert!

Is 300 Q's an hour attainable in any mode at all?? That's like a QSO every 11 seconds?




LONP # 76




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Yup.   For DXpeditions, it’s all about the QSO rate.  So ‘best case’ for with this new version is about 300 Qs an hour, which amounts to the highest QSO rate for a digital mode that I know of.


I can only imagine what is going to happen when "FT8 DXpedition Mode" is released into the wild … :>0


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, Past President - NCDXC


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Subject: [070Club] 5 signals simultaneously ???



Well this is just a bit weird and seems like we're just one step away from making operator obsolete....  from 425 DX Bulletin



FT8 DXPEDITION MODE ---> A "Release Candidate" version (WSJT-X v1.9.0-rc1)
of the WSJT-X digimode software is due to be released later this month. It
will introduce a new "FT8 DXpedition Mode", whose basic goal is to enable
DXpeditions to make FT8 QSOs at the highest possible rates. The DXpedition
station (the "Fox") will be able to transmit up to five signals
simultaneously, and contact multiple calling stations (the "hounds") at the
same time. The new mode will permit contacts to be completed with as little
as one Fox transmission per contact, and sustained rates of several hundred
QSOs/hour are expected to be possible. Making FT8 QSOs with KH1/KH7Z (this
summer's expedition to Baker Island) will require the DXpedition and
everyone trying to work them to use the new version of WSJT-X. A draft of
the "FT8 DXpedition Mode User Guide" can be found at

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