Re: 17m PSK 18.100.....moved? #2017doubleheader

Mike Besemer - WM4B #348 <mwbesemer@...>

It will.

IMHO, FT8 is ham radio for people who don't want to make any effort or have any human interaction. If all you want to do is chase paper, it’s fine, but I’ve tried it and I don’t get it.

If FT8 is your cup of tea, so be it, but I can't wait for it to go away.


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I'm hoping FT8 will run its course, after all JT'ers and FT'ers don't like dupes.
Charles, KI4VMK
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On Feb 4, 2018, at 11:34 AM, Rick - N7WE <> wrote:
Just picked this up off the eHam digital forum.

.....Unfortunately for the time being PSK-31 is a shadow of its former self and FT-8 needs more room. That will probably change over time, but right now it's reality. That particular informal agreement no longer serves us, but restricts us. A true gentleman will not insist on his or her right to an empty band segment while others face literally wall to wall signals.

The suggested frequencies are not, as someone stated, allocated. An allocation is supported by the force of regulation. The regulations permit you to use any digital mode your heart desires in any portion of the CW/Digital allocation.

I suggest that if conditions are such that FT8 is full and PSK31 is lightly used, FT8 "grow downward" into what has been PSK land. If there are PSK-31 signals there then don't! If PSK31 ops are willing to be gentlemen and start at the low end and fill in upward that should not inconvenience anyone except the poor FT-8 op who will no longer be "on the waterfall" unless someone tunes lower. Radios that have RF waterfalls will show if there is activity below 74, and others may choose to tune down 500 Hz or so if the 74 waterfall is full to check who is there. OR NOT, we won't know unless somebody tries....
Rick - N7WE
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