Re: 17m PSK 18.100.....moved? #2017doubleheader

Peter Hiltz


Glad to oblige.  I'm not seeing anything around 18.1.  No JT modes either.  Very interesting.


On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 10:09 PM, Don_KB9UMT via Groups.Io <dhobson123@...> wrote:
HI Pete WV3S,
Thanks for the reply but everyone thinks 17m is closed since the sun is down so you can't really see what I mean with the FT8 traffic right on 18.100 where the PSK signal use to be.  Anyway I work a lot of JAs on 17m later in the night when the sun is down and others think the band is closed but I guess we just proved 17m is open right now at 03:00z and the sun has been down for hours....thanks for the nice PSK QSO/Chat on 17m.

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