Re: 17m PSK 18.100.....moved? #2017doubleheader

Peter Hiltz


The bands seem down tonight but I just put a call out on 18.1 MHz.  Just to make sure, the rig is on 18.0985 which with FLDIGI offset at 1.5 KHz, puts the signal right at 18.1.  I'll hang here a bit before moving on.  QTH is near Baltimore MD.

Pete WV3S

On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 9:19 PM, Don_KB9UMT via Groups.Io <dhobson123@...> wrote:

I know most the PSK action was mainly on 20m/40m but I also like the WARC bands and try to drum up PSK activity when possible on 30m and always enjoyed 17m PSK (good DX and ragchew OPs on both)......but where did the PSK Ops go on 17m?  Since the WSJT-X FT8 hit the bands and on 17m right on 18.100 I don't see many of my EU PSK friends on the band now and wondered if the PSK ops moved down (or up) from 18.100....anyone know?  

I still see 18.100 listed on the 070 website so just wondering.....

Don KB9UMT   070#1227

Monitoring 146.52 MHz & the CCARC UHF Repeater

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