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I have heard (and personally observed) what we consider to be a bit of a defense against excessive in-migration, particularly from California and south.

Folks who move to Western WA from those areas often last about two winters and that's all they can take.  It's not the cold, since we don't too often get freezing temps; it's the constant cloud cover (daytime light level) and the much shorter daylight periods that seems to be the grief.  Why it did not bother me as a born and raised East Tennessean is a mystery, but it didn't.  Maybe I was young enough, at 21, when I landed here to adjust.

My younger adult son worked in Japan for a year and said that the main thing that he MISSED was the clouds and rain.  He said being back in the rain and clouds made him feel more "safe and secure", HI HI.



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Dan, I was stationed on Whidbey Island back in 67-69, when there was a Naval Communications Station there.� Spent about 3 months in relay center on the old seaplane base, and the rest of my time as supervisor at the transmitter site called Rocky Point.

Experienced the same thing you did, was not prepared for the strange weather they have up there.� Great salmon fishing though!

Jim, KI5SP

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I lived in Bremerton , WA for two years while in the military back from 72-74 going to school at Olympic College. �I was told about the weather but did not believe anyone. �Well, Got there in Aug of 72 and from about the end of Sept till sometime in DEC the sun did not shine at all and very rainy. �But people around there were used to it and when they made plans they were prepared. �Fortunately, the following year was quite a bit different except for the rain. �I did have a great time there though. �Even went up to Port Angeles �and went shrimping with a friend of ours.

Dan Morris �KZ3T

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Ah, visiting the Pacific NW in August.� �It's a great time to visit, as it's the least likely time for us to have significant rainfall.�

Unless I plan an outdoor adventure, that is.� A while back I did a 10 day (pedal) bike camping trip through Western WA and BC in August.� Seven days of rain, as I remember.� So, as they say, Your Mileage May Vary.


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