Re: East, West, and in between on 160m

Rick - N7WE


No worry Jerry, I think you qualify as "wise," but you've got to be from a long line of native born in Florida to be a "cracker" - hi hi.  Google "florida cracker."

If I'm understanding right, Jim can hear but can't be heard.  Barry can't hear.  The beverage would certainly help with hearing, but how do you deal with not being heard?  When I was using the inverted L, I could hear a bunch but no one could hear me.  The top loaded vertical solved the problem.  So was that a difference in radiation pattern, just antenna efficiency, or what?  Sure would like to help Jim, Barry and others get some 160 contacts before the season ends.

Rick - N7WE

On 2/1/2018 09:29, Jerry N9AVY wrote:

Not trying to be a wise cracker, but I think the answer to all your questions is YES.

Rick - N7WE
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