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Not trying to be a wise cracker, but I think the answer to all your questions is YES.

Propagation has a lot to do with it, but so does the antenna, power out, soil conductivity, time of day/night, etc. A vertical is not the ideal receiving antenna as they tend to pick up more noise. That's wht you hear a lot about beverage antennas in 160m discussions... and sometimes magnetic loops.  Both are receive ONLY antennas and will give you better signal to noise ratios. Beverage antennas can be around 5 ft off the ground or lower and run along a fence posts; the longer , the better and they are terminated at the far end with a 600 ohm resistor. There's a lot of info on the net about these.  I have a little box that is basically a loading coil that attaches to a wire; used it a few years back and it seemed to work.  A friend I got it from lived near some woods and would run a wire a couple hundred feet out into woods or a farm field in the Winter, but had to get it out of farm field before Spring planting.
Jerry  N9AVY

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Subject: [070Club] East, West, and in between on 160m

Can someone help me understand what is going on with 160m and the group?  Seems like up and down the east coast we can make contacts.  Jim - K5SP - just north of Dallas Texas isn't having much luck and neither is Barry - VA7GEM - in North Vacouver BC.  I've worked John - KE4JB in NY - 1055 miles from my QTH, but haven't seen Jim - 963 miles from me.  I can understand not seeing Barry - that is 2587 miles.

So what is it?  Differences in the number of people on the band in different areas?  Is prop different N/S and E/W on 160?  Just differences in antennas?  Radiation patterns?  Differences in Tx power?  Maybe time of day?  The band does open and close based on sunset and sunrise.  I'm stumped. 

The next time I rig the 6BTV for 160m I'm going to rotate the direction of the wire I use to top load it 90% and see if that makes a difference.  If I better understood how to use EZNEC maybe I could model the radiation pattern, but that is way beyond me.  I can do a simple dipole model, but when you get to trapped vertical with ground radials, with capacitive top loading, I'm completely over my head. 

All opinions and thought are welcome.
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