Re: East, West, and in between on 160m

Rick - N7WE


You may have said earlier and I missed it, but what are you using for an antenna on 160?  If it is a wire, how is it oriented?  How much power are you using?

Rick - N7WE

On 2/1/2018 08:34, Jim K5SP wrote:

And I am curious about it also. The other evening I could see 4-5 stations, with great copy on KX4WB and some copy on the others.  But the only one that I could QSO with was KX4WB, nobody else would respond. It seems that in my location, since I can see/hear some of the east coast stations, I should also be able to see Barry, but no luck there.

Can we get some midwest stations on?

Jim K5SP

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