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Jerry N9AVY

"The HOA rules said no “ham radio transmitting antennas” were allowed."

Right there you could have sued them for discrimination in singling out a group.  Just as if they said "No Irish allowed", etc.  Had this explained a few years back at a Dayton forum by one of the ARRL lawyers.  Likewise, if you see any violations of HOA rules, you photograph them and document them and according to that lawyer (also a Ham), you have a good case of having HOA rules nullified or something like that. Sometimes it pays to go to forums.

Just sayin'

Jerry  n9avy

From: Richard Rohrer <kc3ef1@...>
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 4:30 PM
Subject: Re: [070Club] Hustler 6BTV

Hi Rick,
For several years when I lived in MD, we lived in a restricted community.  The HOA rules said no “ham radio transmitting antennas” were allowed.  I put a loop in the attic and tuned it with the AH-4 tuner, so it worked ok.   Also had a 2 mtr/432 dipole, which worked quite well and had a lot of fun working VHF/UHF contests and  ran ATV thru the ATV repeater in Baltimore. It was a three story house so the antennas were 30 ft off the ground.   The only RFI problem I had was killing the xyl’s mouse on her computer.  A wireless mouse fixed that.  After living in ham radio restricted community we decided that never again.  I know that finding a nice area that is not restricted can be very hard in some areas.   We decided when we moved to FL to look in some order communities that did not have restrictions and it has payed off for use.  We live in a nice quite area, but within 5 miles of all the shopping and restaurants you could think of.  Handy when I need to run to Home Depot for stuff. 
I may re-read the DX Engineering booklet for the antenna and try to tune out some of the reactance.  I know you can determine with 259B, I just need to find out how to do it, I know it is shown on the internet. 
The next time you are trying 160 let me know and I will try and make a contact.  We are heading for the Pacific Northwest in August so say tuned for more (hopefully rare grids).
Dick – KC3EF
From: [] On Behalf Of Rick - N7WE
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Subject: Re: [070Club] Hustler 6BTV
Well Dick, I'm certainly jealous behind all that antenna farm!  Oh how I wish!
One thought - when you move the traps are you going for lowest SWR or X=0 (or as low as you can get it)?  I read somewhere that you should get rid of reactance (X)  to get resonance and let the SWR fall where it may.  Not sure what that means, but the X component is what I tried to get rid of and the SWR fell in line.  Don't know that that is right, but that is what I did.
I do notice from your readings that the lower bands have a fair amount of reactance (X value).  Reactance can be either capacitive or inductive.  There is a trick (I can't remember) that you can do with the MFJ 259b to determine which the X is.  Something about tuning up or down and watching which way the X goes.  Once you know, then you can figure out how to get rid of it.  At that point it would be back to the ARRL Antenna book for me!
Maybe someone else can jump in here and give us both some insight.

Rick - N7WE
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