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Richard Rohrer

Hi Rick,


This is the swr for my installation:


mHz                     R            X            SWR

3.560                   49          11          1.2

7.069                   55          17          1.4

10.035                 62          16          1.4

14.024               52          19          1.4

21.100                 49          0            1.0

28.027                 50          6            1.1


The bandwidth on most of the bands is fine, except for 30 and 40 mtrs.  I do have the DX engineering book and followed it when I setup the antenna.  I have tried adjusting the 30 mtr trap, but have not had much success in getting the resonant point lowered.  Reading were take with MFJ 259B at the end of the 100ft feed line.  I may play with it a little more over the next couple of weeks.  I have mine ground mounted on a homemade tilt-over mount.  Without that adjustments would be a real pain.  I have 42 radials about 25 feet long coming off a DX engineering  radial plate.  Antenna seems to work fine, but since I do use SSB on 40 I would like to get better swr at that end of the band.  Maybe I should ask you to come up and tune it for me, hi hi.


Unlike you, I have 1 ½ acres of wooded land, so I have a hex beam, 120ft dipole tuned with an IC AH-4 antenna tuner, and a 40 mtr Vee.  Working on putting up a full size 80 mtr dipole oriented North/South to give coverage East/West.  When we started looking for a house in FL we told the real estate agent we need to be about to park the RV on the property and no antenna restrictions.  We do have county antenna restrictions, that limit amateur radio towers to 80ft, so not much problem.  We have sold the RV two years ago, so have lots more time for radio. 


Also to WM4B, using bags of cement can be really fun.  By the time I got done mixing the various antenna bases, my shoulder was sore for a week.  I put a 2 bags of cement around the pole for my 6BTV, since the ground around here is sand.  



Dick – KC3EF




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I have the Hustler ground mounted over 40 radials of differing length - due to the lot.  The shortest is about 15 feet and the longest about 28 feet.  The Hustler has DXEngineering 12m and 17m add-ons, and I can tune without cutting any tubes.  Here's the readings from the MFJ259B
                     SWR         R           X
3.580            1.0           50           3
7.035             1.1          38           0
7.070             1.2          36           0
10.140           1.1          54           8
14.070           1.1          42           0
18.100           1.0          52           3
21.070           1.1          46           6
24.920           1.1          72           0
28.120           1.0          64           0
I follow the DXEngineering guide - Chapter 7 - for tuning instead of the Hustler's instructions.  If you don't have it, you can download it HERE in PDF format.  Good luck and I hope that helps.   Let me know!
Rick - N7WE
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