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Ha!  At this point, if I hit a boulder, the antenna is going to be about a foot taller than I had anticipated. I'll just make the hole a little bigger around to compensate.

I have to admit that last night when I was loading concrete, I was seriously considering giving up the hobby and starting to collect butterflies instead.


On Jan 31, 2018 8:07 AM, Joseph Molon <> wrote:

Yep it definitely gets cold in Michigan. (About a day before it does
in New England)
Looks like you must have picked the perfect spot.  You shouldn't talk
about it anymore until the hole is finished or you might jinx it.  You
might go down another 2 inches and run into a boulder the size of your
house.  If you do let me know.  I was trained in explosives when I was
in the Army and I can guarantee I will make the boulder go away.  Not so
sure about the safety of the house though.
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 On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 08:50 PM, Mike Besemer wrote:
 > I'm looking forward to it!

I remember frozen ground from my Michigan days.  Dad was a contactor
and I learned about frozen ground from him.
I'm shocked that it's digging so easy so far... normally I hit Kaolin
about 12 inches down, but not today.  Hopefully I can get to 36 inches
tomorrow then widen it out to 18 inches in diameter.
8 - 80lb bags a Quikrete have worn me out; move them 3 times already
(once onto the cart, once into the truck and once into the garage) -
which means I need to move them one more time.  I can remember
throwing those bags around like marshmallows when I was 18; I don't
know what happened!

I think I need a beer - or 6.


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Sounds like it's going well.
  If you lived in CT you wouldn't even begin to think about doing this
until May.
  Everything here is frozen solid.
  Don't worry It will be great when finished.  There will be so much DX
you won't know what to do with it all.
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    On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 04:53 PM, Mike Besemer wrote:

Nice!  I guess I’m qualified… I’m always in the hole some way or

Well, I just broke ground.  Had to find the exact site that was not
visible from mama’s chair in the sunroom.  I think I found the right
spot – and if not I’ll have to ask for forgiveness (again).  I might
have to remove a tree branch at the far end so I can tilt the antenna
over, but that won’t be a problem if necessary.

We had over an inch of rain Sunday, so I figured I’d better strike
when the iron was soft.  Got down about 2 feet and about a foot in
diameter.  Need to go a foot deeper and 6” bigger around, but at
least I haven’t hit Kaolin yet.  I'm going to set two 4 x 4's three
feet in the ground (in concrete) with the mast between them tilting
at about the 4' 6" mark.  The antenna is supposed to be 25' high, so
figuring just a bit of mast above the 4 x 4's, my 30' clear-zone
should be okay.  (I hope!)  Mama is taking my truck to Florida this
weekend, so I'd better go get some concrete mix or I'll be hauling it
in the back of my son's Ford Focus.


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Golly Mike, I'd really like to help out, but.......I'm not certified
to excavate!
I once ran into a guy who was a registered professional excavation
engineer.  No kidding!  He designed and certified excavation plans
for large constructions like high rise buildings, TV towers, etc.  He
was a character.  Would tell people he "started out small and just
keep getting in deeper and deeper.  Planned to retire if he ever got
out of the hole he was in!"
Rick - N7WE

On 1/30/2018 16:01, Mike Besemer wrote:

If you're really looking for something to do, I need a hole dug to
plant my Gap Titan DX.

On Jan 30, 2018 3:50 PM, Rick - N7WE  wrote:
That's what I did.  Started on 10, then 15, readjust 10 and 15 until
have both. This did require moving the traps from the factory
positioning on the tubes, not just changing the overall spacing.
Then adjusted 20 and readjusted 10, 15, and 20 until I had all
three....and so on thru 80.  Then went back and did 12 (adjusts with
HotRodz) with only minimal change on 10 (no adjustment needed) and
the same with 17.
It took a while, lots of ups and downs, but wasn't too bad as I had
installed the DXEngineering tilt-base when I put it up.  When we were
traveling summers, I took the antenna down and stored it in three
pieces.  Reinstalling in the fall only required minor tweaking.  What
I have noticed is that with the change in temps here in Florida from
winter to summer, there is sufficient expansion of the aluminum
tubing to change the tuning.  Now that we are home summers, I re-tune
when it heats up and then again when it cools off!  Probably a waste,
but I like to have things as close as I can.  And it gives me
something to do!
Rick - N7WE

On 1/30/2018 15:21, Jerry N9AVY wrote:

Did you start tuning 0n 10m and work your way up to 80/160m ?   Just
My dual sloper isn't working yet.
From: Rick - N7WE To: Sent: Tuesday, January 30,
2018 2:05 PM
Subject: Re: [070Club] Hustler 6BTV

I have the Hustler ground mounted over 40 radials of differing length
- due to the lot.  The shortest is about 15 feet and the longest
28 feet.  The Hustler has DXEngineering 12m and 17m add-ons, and I
can tune without cutting any tubes.  Here's the readings from the
                      SWR         R           X
3.580            1.0           50           3
7.035             1.1          38           0
7.070             1.2          36           0
10.140           1.1          54           8
14.070           1.1          42           0
18.100           1.0          52           3
21.070           1.1          46           6
24.920           1.1          72           0
28.120           1.0          64           0
I follow the DXEngineering guide - Chapter 7 - for tuning instead of
the Hustler's instructions.  If you don't have it, you can download
HERE in PDF format.  Good luck and I hope that helps.   Let me know!
Rick - N7WE
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Rick - N7WE
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Rick - N7WE
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