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I’ve got a K44 and it works really well.  I got it because I wanted to be lazy but I found my code speed went up pretty quickly and I don’t use it anymore.


If anybody wants it, shoot me an email and make me an offer.  I’ve got a mini keyboard to go with it too.






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On 1/30/2018 20:17, Jerry N9AVY wrote:



Ya gotta do CW because it's digital .  Keyboard is okay, especially in pileups. It's also makes it easier on the guy because it's pure machine sent CW.  Used Keyboard this morning to work  Z60A on 20m CW... signals were spread over 15-20 kHz.  It was a new DXCC (Kosovo) so the moves me up a notch.  Next one is 3Y0 is a week or so.


Checked out my dual sloper on 160m and ha it resonant at 1777.something , but it quickly changed after I disconnected analyzer and reconnected to outdoor coax switch.  Also checked cables going out to switch and they were okay. Looks like my problem may be switch... duh !




Jerry n9avy


Jerry - Switch out that switch!  Haven't tried the K44 out yet.  But it does have a CW reader built in, so that should help with the bad ears part.  Supposedly his reader is pretty good.  We'll see!

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Rick - N7WE
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