Re: Hustler 6BTV

Rick - N7WE

Len -

I ran the 2:1 bandwidths to give you a picture.  These numbers may be flaky as I only have an MFJ 259B for an analyzer.  Hope this helps.

80m       95 kHz
40m     495 kHz
30m     440 kHz
20m     1.1 MHz
17m      1.1 MHz
15m      1.2 MHz
12m      2.8 MHz
10m      7.0 MHz

Rick - N7WE

On 1/30/2018 19:33, Len Hecker via Groups.Io wrote:
Those numbers look pretty darn good for those frequencies.  Do you have any similar measurements for SSB portions of the bands?  Thanks. Len, K3LRH

Rick - N7WE
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