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Ya gotta do CW because it's digital .  Keyboard is okay, especially in pileups. It's also makes it easier on the guy because it's pure machine sent CW.  Used Keyboard this morning to work  Z60A on 20m CW... signals were spread over 15-20 kHz.  It was a new DXCC (Kosovo) so the moves me up a notch.  Next one is 3Y0 is a week or so.

Checked out my dual sloper on 160m and ha it resonant at 1777.something , but it quickly changed after I disconnected analyzer and reconnected to outdoor coax switch.  Also checked cables going out to switch and they were okay. Looks like my problem may be switch... duh !

Jerry n9avy

From: Rick - N7WE <n7we1980@...>
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Sorry, I don't do SSB and haven't even run the numbers on those frequencies.  In fact, I've never checked 2:1 bandwidths. I set the 6BTV up exclusively for CW and digital and I haven't done CW in a long time.  This old man's hands shake and he can't hear...strickly digi modes anymore.  (Although my darling wife gave me a K1EL K44 CW Keyboard keyer for Christmas, so maybe there is hope!)  But I would think you could get to similar results for the SSB frequencies.  Now having both would undoubtedly require some compromise, definitely on 80 and maybe on 40.
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On 1/30/2018 19:33, Len Hecker via Groups.Io wrote:
Those numbers look pretty darn good for those frequencies.  Do you have any similar measurements for SSB portions of the bands?  Thanks. Len, K3LRH

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