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Rick - N7WE


Sorry, I don't do SSB and haven't even run the numbers on those frequencies.  In fact, I've never checked 2:1 bandwidths. I set the 6BTV up exclusively for CW and digital and I haven't done CW in a long time.  This old man's hands shake and he can't hear...strickly digi modes anymore.  (Although my darling wife gave me a K1EL K44 CW Keyboard keyer for Christmas, so maybe there is hope!)  But I would think you could get to similar results for the SSB frequencies.  Now having both would undoubtedly require some compromise, definitely on 80 and maybe on 40.

Rick - N7WE

On 1/30/2018 19:33, Len Hecker via Groups.Io wrote:
Those numbers look pretty darn good for those frequencies.  Do you have any similar measurements for SSB portions of the bands?  Thanks. Len, K3LRH

Rick - N7WE
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