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Rick - N7WE

Golly Mike, I'd really like to help out, but.......I'm not certified to excavate!

I once ran into a guy who was a registered professional excavation engineer.  No kidding!  He designed and certified excavation plans for large constructions like high rise buildings, TV towers, etc.  He was a character.  Would tell people he "started out small and just keep getting in deeper and deeper.  Planned to retire if he ever got out of the hole he was in!"

Rick - N7WE

On 1/30/2018 16:01, Mike Besemer wrote:

If you're really looking for something to do, I need a hole dug to plant my Gap Titan DX.

On Jan 30, 2018 3:50 PM, Rick - N7WE <n7we1980@...> wrote:

That's what I did.  Started on 10, then 15, readjust 10 and 15 until have both. This did require moving the traps from the factory positioning on the tubes, not just changing the overall spacing.  Then adjusted 20 and readjusted 10, 15, and 20 until I had all three....and so on thru 80.  Then went back and did 12 (adjusts with HotRodz) with only minimal change on 10 (no adjustment needed) and the same with 17.  It took a while, lots of ups and downs, but wasn't too bad as I had installed the DXEngineering tilt-base when I put it up.  When we were traveling summers, I took the antenna down and stored it in three pieces.  Reinstalling in the fall only required minor tweaking.  What I have noticed is that with the change in temps here in Florida from winter to summer, there is sufficient expansion of the aluminum tubing to change the tuning.  Now that we are home summers, I re-tune when it heats up and then again when it cools off!  Probably a waste, but I like to have things as close as I can.  And it gives me something to do!

Rick - N7WE

On 1/30/2018 15:21, Jerry N9AVY wrote:

Did you start tuning 0n 10m and work your way up to 80/160m ?   Just curious.

My dual sloper isn't working yet.

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I have the Hustler ground mounted over 40 radials of differing length - due to the lot.  The shortest is about 15 feet and the longest about 28 feet.  The Hustler has DXEngineering 12m and 17m add-ons, and I can tune without cutting any tubes.  Here's the readings from the MFJ259B
                     SWR         R           X
3.580            1.0           50           3
7.035             1.1          38           0
7.070             1.2          36           0
10.140           1.1          54           8
14.070           1.1          42           0
18.100           1.0          52           3
21.070           1.1          46           6
24.920           1.1          72           0
28.120           1.0          64           0
I follow the DXEngineering guide - Chapter 7 - for tuning instead of the Hustler's instructions.  If you don't have it, you can download it HERE in PDF format.  Good luck and I hope that helps.   Let me know!
Rick - N7WE
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Rick - N7WE
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Rick - N7WE
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