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Jim K5SP

I plan on being there. Hope you East guys can see me. Would like to see some of the Midwest guys on, it was quite lonely ladt night with only one contact, even though I saw and copied several of you.


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Anyone going to play tonight?  I'd love to catch a few new calls tonight.  I know there were a couple on last night I didn't get to work.

On Jan 30, 2018 12:48 PM, Rick - N7WE <n7we1980@...> wrote:
Dick I saw you briefly but couldn't get you long enough to work you. Sorry, would have liked to pay you back for the grids on your trip! The website I used was I used the same basic approach with the wire running horizontally toward the peak of my roof. I started out with a wire length of 24 feet. I could only work off the auto tuner in the K3 for trimming as the MFJ259B chose not to work on 160m - to much local RF and I don't have their adjustable filter. And my Daiwa CN-801 just isn't accurate enough. I ended up at 19' 6" which got me to about a 3:1 on the antenna itself, and the K3 internal tuner brought it to 1.1:1. Lots of hoisting it up and letting it down. But last night made it worth the effort! Good luck if you have a go at it.

One other note: I did drop one of the 3/32 allen head setscrews in the grass when I was changing out the whip for the wire. Didn't even bother to look for it. Just made a hardware store run this morning for a replacement. Bought several hi hi!
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