Re: Another go at 160m tonight

Rick - N7WE

Dick I saw you briefly but couldn't get you long enough to work you.  Sorry, would have liked to pay you back for the grids on your trip!  The website I used was  I used the same basic approach with the wire running horizontally toward the peak of my roof.  I started out with a wire length of 24 feet.  I could only work off the auto tuner in the K3 for trimming as the MFJ259B chose not to work on 160m - to much local RF and I don't have their adjustable filter.  And my Daiwa CN-801 just isn't accurate enough.    I ended up at 19' 6" which got me to about a 3:1 on the antenna itself, and the K3 internal tuner brought it to 1.1:1. Lots of hoisting it up and letting it down.  But last night made it worth the effort!  Good  luck if you have a go at it. 

One other note:  I did drop one of the 3/32 allen head setscrews in the grass when I was changing out the whip for the wire.  Didn't even bother to look for it.  Just made a hardware store run this morning for a replacement.  Bought several hi hi!
Rick - N7WE
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