Re: Another go at 160m tonight

Rick - N7WE

Well now that was just plain fun!  Many thanks to all who came out.  I did manage to complete my top band endorsement.  Whew!  It sure is a lot easier when the antenna can hear and speak.  What I did was run a wire off the 80m resonator on the top of the Hustler 6BTV to add top load capacitance.  Saw it on the internet.  Ended up with the wire being about 19' 6" long and that got things to where the internal tuner on the K3 handled it with no problems...and no auto backing down the power.  Not an effecient set up, and I loose 80m with this configuration, but it got the job done.  Thanks for all the reports guys.  

Jim, I never saw you.  But I think I worked everyone I could hear.  It was mostly N&S - NY, PA, NC, GA, KY, TN, and MS.  Thanks again to you all!
Rick - N7WE
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