Re: Another go at 160m tonight

Jim K5SP

I will also listen from Gainesville.  (Texas that is).

May not transmit, could not get either antenna to properly load Saturday evening, and if same result this evening will just listen and report on this forum anything I see/hear/copy.


Jim K5SP

On 1/29/2018 3:25 PM, Richard Rohrer wrote:

Hi Rick,


I will listen also from Gainesville.



Dick – KC3EF


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Subject: [070Club] Another go at 160m tonight


OK, a different approach to an antenna now operational.  I'll be on 1.807 near 0100 UTC calling CQ.  Prop from last night was reported as good from then until it started to fall off about 1200 UTC.  And no contest showing on WA7BNM's contest calendar. This antenna setup shows 3.1:1 SWR and tunes to 1.1:1 with my internal tuner.  It remains to be seen if it can hear and speak.  Any help greatly appreciated!
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