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Jim K5SP

Geary, what is your setup?

Worked a little 80 from here Friday eve, was unable to be on ladt night. Condx here due to qrm/qrn were not the best.

Anything I can do to help, let me know.


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From: Geary McDowell <ke5irk@...>
Date: 1/28/18 12:25 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [070Club] Winter Field Day

I am not one to contest really.  I try to participate in Field Day in the summer in our 100-115 degree heat (116 was our high record a few years ago and the AC in the two EM trailers were not working), but I have been playing with this FT8 stuff.  Nice quick and dirty for contest stuff.  I do little voice due to major hearing issues.  I really like PSK so one may have a conversation if they wish or if contesting it can be quick too.  I was encouraged to participate in WFD this year and tried it.  I ended up with ONE QSO on simplex from the guy who encouraged me to try it this year. From the opening bell until about midnight I saw four stations and they faded in and out so badly I never saw one complete a full PSK QSO.  I tried to log a 4O ORG station, but Scott's software rejected it.  I have done a ton of QSOs on 80 and 30 this month, hardly had any luck in the past, all but 40 of my 750 or so QSO have been FT8.  I prefer PSK but sure seem to have a lot of trouble decoding it here.  Yet for the PSKFEST it was great.  Time to spread some PSK around on the bands.
Geary, KE5IRK

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 11:38 AM, Jerry N9AVY <n9avy@...> wrote:
Okay ...   so I got hooked into this event last night around 0200 UTC on 80m. I was going to stay out of it, but no other bands were open.  Haven't that much activity on 80m in a long time. Hung around until 0645 UTC and it was still going, but activity was starting to dwindle.  Heard  AK4MK and KK4HEG .

That was a lot of activity on 80m PSK  which begs the question, why isn't 80m is use more ?  This would be great if 80 was open because a lot more members could work on their 366. When I worked on mine I operated a lot of 80m.

(  On a footnote I noticed in the WFD rules that it was specifically stated "No FT-8 Allowed" !) 

Heard on 80m last night were just about all the states except for AK & HI , but I saw someone working a KL7 who may have been in AK or stateside.

Think that 070 members should explore more 80m contacts before spring arrives.  Also worked a station in PA  who wanted to work 160m , but was chased off by the contest and told him there was a group of PODXS members looking to operate 160 and he should look for them next weekend. .  Next weekend may be good for 160m, keep your fingers crossed.

That's my report from Illinois, land of taxes and the best politicians money can buy !


When all else fails, Amateur Radio works.

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