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That’s kind of the way I feel about reaching 120. Always need another plateau to reach; that’s what makes us human.



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When I finished the 24/7 I was grateful for all the help I got from 070 members ... had remorse that it was done... yet at the same time I was glad it was over; much like beating your head against a wall and realizing how good it felt to stop, hi ! hi !
jerry n9avy
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This thread has a lot of good tips here for the 24/7 endorsement. Here's some of my experience.
1) Here in the CONUS remember to take advantage of the time zone spread. 0800 UTC is 3 AM EST, but that is only 12 midnight on the west coast. Likewise, 1100 UTC is 3 AM PST, but 6 AM on the east coast. And like Mike said, the shift to DST moves things around - and AZ does something different that the rest of the country and that opens up other possibilies too.
2) Scheds are really good and I always found several willing to stay up/get up just by posting on the reflector. It helps to give about 36 to 48 hours notice and what your plan is for bands. I found fewer takers on the mid-week slots. They were my tough ones.
3) Temporary antennas can help. I'm HOA - restricted to a vertical which has a low (read long skip) takeoff angle. I strung a temporary long wire to get more like a NVIS for 40/80 on occasion. It helped with closer in stations. It went up and down many times!
The 070 club is a really great group of people and you will find lots ready to help. All you have to do is let us know when and where! This is a really fun, but hard, endorsement. Those that have done it will tell you you get a really, really great sense of accomplishment when you finish!
Rick - N7WE
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