Re: Clock #119 - By the Skin of my Teeth!

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I’m definitely game for 168, but in order to keep and  maintain peace in the household, I’ve got to watch my P’s and Q’!  When the XYL goes out of town I’ll probably try some late-night stuff, but those days are few and far between.  ;>)


As for 1800 today, I’ll have a look at 40 first (since that’s where the rig is now) and if it’s flat I’ll move to 20.  Hoping I’ll just look and see someone CQing!







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Mike - the prop forecast looks tough for around 1800 today.  But post what band you'll be on and I'll look for you!  168 is DOABLE and you can make it.  Last weekend Fr. Richard got an unusually heavy snow storm that cancelled his Sunday services. He says he'd have never made it otherwise!  You never know what happens next!  Hang in there and just be ready when the opportunities come.
Rick - N7WE
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