24/7 08:00 UTC slot on Sunday 1/14

Rick - N7WE

WB8YXF - Fr. Richard - has only one slot left to fill in his 24/7.  It is 08:00 UTC on Sunday.  I'm planning to be on air by 2:55 AM EST 1/14/18 (that's really late saturday night here) to try to help him fill that slot.  I'll start out on 40m and move down to 80m if I don't find him.  This is an open invitation to anyone else who might need that slot and can stay up that late or get up that early - hi hi!  Just be sure to post here so I know to look for you.  Otherwise, once Fr. Richard has his filled the slot....it is back to bed!

PS - My grandson says I'm trying to organize a Ham "Flash Mob"
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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